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  • Assurance – Fantastic standing with testimonails from others
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  • Value – Suggesting only the thing you need
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  • No Obligation – We will provide a plumber as opposed to a salesman

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Recommendation for Hiring a Highlands Ranch Plumber

Look for a Highlands Ranch plumber that comes highly recommended. A name in the phone book is no promise of integrity, results or professionalism. Don’t let these folks practice their plumbing or sales techniques on you.

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Finding a Good Plumbing Company

Finding a good plumbing company can be easy, if you know where to look. There are plenty of plumbers that offer a variety of services, affordable prices and even professional and friendly employees. If you really want to get a good idea about who you are dealing with before letting them enter your home or office, ask around. Your family, friends, neighbors and even co-workers have most likely had to have some sort of plumbing work done recently. Ask them to tell you about their experience. Ask them what they needed the plumber for, how quick the job was completed and how satisfied they were and are with the work, the company and the price.

Try to find someone who had similar work done that you need and compare pricing, quality of service and overall satisfaction. Word of mouth references are the best kind, you get a real experience from someone you know and trust before you ever hire the plumber.

If you are going to look on the internet for a plumber in your area, be sure they have their own website. Companies like Green Plumbing Solutions offer an informative website that details their services, their credentials and links to various plumbing services throughout the area. You can check out the review websites that offer posts from people who have actually used the plumber you are checking out to get a better idea about their company and the services they offer. Do not be alarmed if there are not any reviews on the company you are considering, many times people only leave reviews when they are not satisfied. So no reviews are better than only bad ones.

Check Credentials

Before you make a decision on a plumber in your area, be sure you check their credentials. You should ask that they are certified and licensed according to the states regulations and also if they are insured and bonded. Any contractor you allow in your home or office should have a current insurance policy that covers workers compensation as well as liability. You want to be protected from any lawsuits if employees are hurt while on the job and of course from any damages that could happen to your home or office while they are working. If for any reason the plumber cannot offer you a copy of their insurance policy, find another company to work with.

You can also contact the Better Business Bureau t o ensure that the company has a reputable standing and has no current complaints or lawsuits out against them. Do not just take the word of the company or its owner, ask around, get proof and be smart.

Quality Over Price

Of course you want an affordable estimate but you have to consider the quality first. When you get an estimate from a plumbing company and it seems really low compared to the other plumbing companies you received estimates from, ask why. Many times you will find that the lower estimate is due to parts that are being used. If you want to save money, having low quality parts is not the best solution. With lower quality parts you are more likely to have leaks, breaks and have to have more work completed in the near future. You actually save money in the long run to use higher quality parts to begin with. There are more economical solutions that offer a high quality repair for your needs, ask the plumber about the parts they use and what they can offer as alternatives to brass piping.

Get several estimates from different plumbing companies to ensure that you have an understanding of what the average price for your job should be. With more than a couple estimates you can easily spot the ones that are priced way to high or way to low.

Details, Details, Details!

Be sure in the estimates you receive that they include the details such as what parts are being used and any model numbers or color choices for fixtures or appliances being installed. By having more details in your estimate you are able to avoid any surprises for hidden costs or eliminate confusion about parts that are to be used. Green Plumbing Solutions will detail every aspect about the job and include all parts being used, completion times and costs for everything to avoid any confusion.

If there are reasons why your estimate will change, the plumber should discuss this with you ahead of time. If for example they have a model number for a particular sink on the estimate and that is out of stock for three weeks, in order to get the job done on time they may need to get another sink and the cost might end up changing on the products and parts used section.

Details about clean up, permits, time for completion and any penalties should be included in the estimate. The estimate essentially becomes the contract between you and the contractor, so make sure it includes everything before starting the job. If there are extra costs for permits that have to pulled, include it. If there are any costs for cleanup make sure it is included. In most cases the estimate should reflect that cleanup is included, but you should always ask. You don’t want to deal with scraps of metal or little fittings all over the floor after the contractor leaves so ask them if they are responsible for cleanup and have the plumber reflect that in the estimate.

You can never have too many details when it comes to having contract work completed. Whenever you deal with a plumbing company you should have everything stated clearly upfront and in writing to ensure the job is done to your standards. Do not expect that things will be done a certain way, never assume anything, get everything you need in writing and understood before you begin any work with a plumber.

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